Economiser & Heat Optimiser

It is a rectangle shell and tube heat exchanger with water on shell and flue gas on the tube side. Carbon steels tubes are welded between MS tube plates. The air vent connection comes out from the top. Drain is provided at the bottom. Inspection window is on the rear side.

After stopping the boiler at end of day’s operation, open the drain valve. Initially dirty water will come out. Close the valve when clean water starts coming out.

Open the access door on top of the chimney duct and clean the soot inside the tubes with a round wire brush. This should be done at least once a week.

The tubes can be inspected through the inspection window. To check for a possible leak in the tubes, open the bottom access door below the economizer (when the boiler is cold) and see if any water is dripping.

If any water leakage is noticed, remove the chimney duct and then the economizer. If the leak is in an accessible place, seal it with welding or brazing. Otherwise replace the economizer.

For cleaning the rust on the water-side of the tubes, see the instruction given in “optimizer”, as both are to be cleaned simultaneously.

This is a shell and tube heat exchanger with hot water on tube side and cold water on the shell side. During operation, the heat transfer surfaces get covered with rust and other deposits which must be cleaned at least once a month. The economizer and optimizer can be cleaned together.