Annual Service Contracts (ASC)

PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE: Preventive maintenance is carried out to the equipments as per the terms agreed in the Annual Maintenance Contract. The following activities are carried out at every preventive maintenance: cleaning of diffuser plate, nozzle, filters in diesel lines, ignition electrodes, etc. checking of all safeties.

OVERHAULING: De-carbonizing the coil & re-fixing, checking the unit for smooth functioning will be done once in a year.

Breakdown Attendance: Any Break-down during the contract period will be attended by us. All spares, consumables etc. required will have to be arranged by you or will be supplied by us at extra cost. Also fabrication, welding, Descaling, etc. are not included in our scope. During Overhauling Coil Lifting arrangement to be provided by you. You are requested to maintain stock of critical spares to avoid any down time of the equipment.

Efficiency testing of the unit will be done once in a year.


OIT Visit Check: required By - Quarterly

  • Checking Log Book readings and comparing with actual working of the boiler
  • Taking corrective action if any discrepancy is found and recording action taken
  • Observing if there are any errors in the instruments and taking appropriate action.  If errors are minor in nature informing the operator of the error in the instrument.  If the error is major, recommending replacement of the instrument
  • Checking and ensuring cleanliness of water service tank
  • Checking quality of water in service tank and taking corrective action at the required points
  • Checking pH and hardness in feed water and recommending correct dosing if required
  • Checking strainer on the water line.  In case source of water is changed, ensuring lab analysis of water to be carried out
  • Checking and ensuring cleanliness of fuel oil service tank
  • Checking and cleaning strainers and filters in the oil line.  Replacing or recommending replacement of the element, ‘O’ ring, gaskets, etc. if found damaged
  • Checking tightness of foundation bolts
  • Tightening all leaky pipe line/hose connections and wiping them dry and if they are found damaged recommending replacement
  • Cleaning photocell housing glass and photocell
  • Cleaning diffuser plate and tuning the burner for good combustion
  • Checking oil consumption, spray pattern and pump pressure and re-setting if required.
  • Checking coil for external cleanliness.  If coil is found highly sooted taking up with customer for getting it cleaned.
  • Checking blow down time and advising customer accordingly
  • Checking and suggesting repair of refractory, if required
  • Checking for any air leakage from the duct or unit

Overhauling Activity: required Annual

  • Once in a year, we will carry out the entire overhauling of the boiler.
  • Blowing off safety valve and ensuring correct setting
  • Carrying out all activities listed in OIT
  • Dismantling of unit and removing of coil
  • Cleaning of coil externally
  • Cleaning of Burner of the Boiler
  • Suggesting repair of refractory, if required
  • Re-fixing of coil
  • Re-fixing of mountings, fittings and instruments
  • Re-commissioning and tuning of the boiler
  • All manpower, tools and tackles will be provided by us.  Customer to provide coil lifting arrangement, necessary spares and consumables such as gaskets, oil, resin etc.
  • Conducting Flue Gas Analysis and Efficiency Trials